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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Blu-ray Review: SLUGS (1988)

Directed by 
Distributed by Arrow Films / MVD Entertainment Group

 I am really loving all the great, classic horror films that Arrow Video has been putting out lately.  Arrow getting U.S. rights and distributing here in the States through MVD Entertainment is one of the greatest things to happen to DVD/BD collecting in quite some time!  Arrow is constantly releasing great horror films, a lot of which I have always heard about, but had never seen.  Such is the case with one of Arrow's newest releases, SLUGS.  I have always known about this film, but somehow it always slipped past me through all my movie watching years.  Well, I'm glad to say I finally got to see it, and it was a lot of fun!   Here is the basic plot from the MVD website:

  THEY SLIME. THEY OOZE. THEY KILL. From celebrated Spanish director Juan Piquer Simon, the man behind the truly demented slasher flick Pieces (1982), comes a terrifying tale of mutant slugs on the rampage in small-town America. The townsfolk of a rural community are dying in strange and gruesome circumstances. Following the trail of horrifically mutilated cadavers, resident health inspector Mike Brady is on the case to piece together the mystery. He soon comes to a terrifying conclusion - giant slugs are breeding in the sewers beneath the town, and they're making a meal of the locals! Based on the novel by acclaimed British horror author Shaun Hutson, Slugs outdoes its creature feature peers by adding an extra dose of gross-out gore into the equation, culminating in one of the most squirm-inducing animal attack movies ever to slither its way across screens.

  The 1980's is my favorite decade of horror films by far, and this film is a good example of why.  A lot of the 80's horror films were pretty cheesy, especially the creature features like this film, but that is what gives them so much character.   A lot of people wouldn't find a slug that scary really....they are slow, and don't really do much, but in this film, they are pretty fast moving and they eat meat, especially human meat! 

  This movie is a lot of fun, and never takes itself too seriously.  The slugs attack in packs in this film, completely overwhelming their victims.  Such was the case in one of my favorite kills, where slugs fill the room and cover the bedroom floor of a young couple messing around in bed.  The naked woman steps out of bed and onto the slugs, slipping in the coating of slime that now covers the floor.  In a mater of seconds, she is covered with the leech like slugs, and covered in her own blood. 

  Speaking of blood, there is a lot of it on screen and tons of gore in general.   The special effects are excellent, especially since this was in the great age of all practical effects!  If you have not seen SLUGS, I highly recommend it.  If you have seen it, I urge you to revisit it, especially since it looks so good on the Blu-ray transfer.  
  SLUGS is available now from Arrow Video and MVD Entertainment, and as always, Arrow has packed this release with tons of great special features including:

*  Brand new restoration from original film elements
*  High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
*  Original Uncompressed PCM Stereo audio
*  Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
*  Audio commentary by writer and filmmaker Chris Alexander
*  Here's Slugs In Your Eye - an interview with actor Emilio Linder
*  They Slime, They Ooze, They Kill: The Effects of Slugs - an interview with special effects artist Carlo De Marchis
*  Invasion USA - an interview with art director Gonzalo Gonzalo
*  The Lyons Den - an interview and locations tour with production manager Larry Ann Evans
*  1988 Goya Awards promo reel
*  Original Theatrical Trailer
*  Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Wes Benscoter
*  Fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing by writer Michael Gingold

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray



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