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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Check out the awesome Horror Pack subscription service!


  Monthly subscription services seem to be a big things these days. My wife does one for clothes were she gets a new box full of clothes every month.  Well, there is now an awesome monthly subscription service just for us horror DVD/BD collectors out there. It's called Horror Pack and each month you are sent a package of 4 DVDs or Blu-rays, depending on your preference.   Blu-ray plans are less than $25 dollars a month, and DVD plans are less than $20 a month!  Also, the price goes down the longer you sign up for!

  I recently got a Blu-ray horror pack, and here is what I got inside:


  My box contained the SAW V (2-Disc Special Edition),  SCAR 3D, MOTIVATIONAL GROWTH, and the classic (and top 5 horror movies of all time, in my opinion) RE-ANIMATOR.     That's a pretty good haul in my opinion for less than $25.  These are all new, still shrink-wrapped Blu-rays, so I feel like you are really getting a good deal with this subscription service.   The Horror Pack also contains a limited edition Horror Pack exclusive DVD/BD from time to time.   

  I really like this concept, it's fun getting a box of DVDs in the mail each month, and not having any clue what's inside!  Check it out and sign up today!

CLICK HERE to view subscription plans and sign up for your own Horror Pack!!

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