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Saturday, April 10, 2010

DVD Review: MASKHEAD (2009)

I just recently finished watching Toe Tag Pictures' release of MASKHEAD, and I think I am still traumatized from it! This movie is messed up. It is sick, twisted, demented, and just plain dirty...so naturally, I loved it! I did feel the need to take a shower after watching it though, so be prepared to feel dirty after watching this film. The film was written by Scott Swan, and was directed by both Swan and Fred Vogel.
Here is the basic plot synopsis from the Toe Tag Pictures website:

Maskhead tells the depraved tale of Syl and Maddie, a lesbian couple who produce extreme fetish and dark specialty movies. With the help of their sociopathic associate, The Cowboy, the ladies audition numerous up-and-coming talent to act in their top selling, stomach-turning fetish series: "MASKHEAD", which features a large man in a bizarre mask who tortures and kills his "co-stars" on camera. Everyone has a fetish. What's yours? What turns you on?

That is really more of a plot than I could have ever come up with after watching the film. It is basically just Syl and Maddie, auditioning guys and girls for their films, (which we see through the eyes of their video camera), and then a cut scene to them "performing" in the film which finally leads to their murder. Each killing is different and more gruesome than the last. The acting is pretty good for a film of this caliber, and the gore effects are outstanding! I really think we might need to look into the making of this film, because some of these effects look so real, I wonder if they are actually fake or not! Not really, but I just want to make a point on how good the effects are. The main one is a man who is strapped in a chair and the main killer, known as Maskhead, breaks the man's arm with a hammer. His arm is bent and the skin is broken as blood pours out of the wound. This effect was very well done and the make up/effects crew on this film should be congratulated on the job they did.

The film also has some dark humor thrown in for good measure, mainly from the tales and the actions from the character of "The Cowboy".....I bet you can't guess where he looses his ring? ICK!! I quiver just thinking about it. Mainstream Horror fans probably won't like MASKHEAD, but if you like underground, grittier Horror films, then you will like this for sure. Also, fans of the "torture-porn" genre as it has been called (eg. the SAW and HOSTEL films) will like this film as well.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for MASKHEAD
CLICK HERE to purchase a copy of MASKHEAD on dvd from Toe Tag Pictures

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  1. dammit, i wanna see this movie and a few others they have out. especially redsin tower. can't find anywhere to rent them. it would cost way too much to buy all of the ones i want to see.