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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Quirky zombie films are a simple joy for me, for the most part.

Shaun of the Dead immediately springs into my mind, as do films like DEAD SNOW, FIDO, and even ARMY OF DARKNESS. And after watching ZOMBIE DEAREST, I’m glad to say it is going onto this list as well.
Here is the basic plot synopsis from imdb.com:

When failed comic Gus Lawton pushes his wife too far, he finds himself chasing her across the country to the abandoned farmhouse of her childhood. Given the choice between losing Deborah or living by her plan, Gus gets busy fixing up the old place, starting with the septic tank. In a moment of desperation, he digs up the very thing he needs, a zombie who'll do anything he wants... for now, anyway. As the zombie's own desires threaten their plans, Gus and Deborah come together in a desperate struggle to get what they want, regardless of the cost.

Let me start off by saying ZOMBIE DEAREST is one of the most original zombie flicks I have ever seen. The plot was excellent, a unique and welcome romp that had me laughing at certain parts and cringing in suspense during others. The acting was great as well, and the overall production was superb.

Mixing a smart blend of humor in with the thrills and chills of a horror movie can be difficult. But first-time director David Kemker seems to pull it off with ease. One of my favorite scenes is around the beginning of the movie, where Deborah has just learned of her husband’s attempt at infidelity. She confronts him, saying, “I don’t care about the fact that you wanted to screw her! What I care about…what hurts me the most, is that you were making her laugh in the bedroom! That’s mine!”

The wrap-up at the end of the film is another of my favorite scenes, and is one of the most intense parts of the plot as well. I cannot say anything about it because I will give too much away, but the ending was a pure joy to watch. I can honestly say I didn’t see it coming and, again, it is very unique.

Fans of original horror movies should definitely give this one a go. If anything, just watch it to see how well it is done for a lower-budget production. I hope to see more from director David Kemker in the very near future.

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