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Saturday, April 17, 2010

DVD Review: NECROSIS (2009)

I just watched the film NECROSIS from Brinkdvd and I would definitely recommend it to fans of supernatural Horror and psychological Horror films. NECROSIS was directed by Jason Robert Stephens, and was written by Stephens and Robert Michael Ryan. Here is the brief plot summary from the Brinkdvd website:

Six friends arrive at a secluded cabin to enjoy a long weekend in the snow. Little do they know that their vacation spot is located on the site of the infamous Donner Party Massacre - a tragic event in 1846 when a group of snow-bound settlers devolved into madness and turned on each other in a cannibalistic frenzy.When an unexpected snowstorm hits, the cursed ghosts of slain Donner Party members are resurrected, determined to exact their revenge. Are these true demonic entities or is 'cabin fever' bringing out fears and paranoia, causing friends to turn against each other as reality deteriorates around them?

Overall, this was a very good film with some great effects and a few really good scares. The acting is mixed, but is good overall. The camera work is done very well, with some neat effects and camera angles. The film contains some very creepy scenes, mainly those involving the 'ghosts' of the Donner party victims that Jerry (played by James Kyson-Lee of the hit show HEREOS) sees. There are also some flashback scenes when the story of the Donner party is being told that are very disturbing and gory. One of the best effects is when the guys are coming back to the cabin after having been out in the woods and come across a dead body near the house, laying partially buried in the snow, with just its head and hands sticking out of the snow. This was a very effective prop and looked eerily realistic. I also have to point out that horror icon Michael Berryman shows up in a small role, which is always a good thing in my opinion! Overall, this was a fun, entertaining film that I would definitely recommend.

NECROSIS will be available to purchase on DVD this Tuesday, April 20th and can be pre-ordered by CLICKING HERE

The dvd includes the following special features:
* Director's commentary
* Cast interviews
* Behind the scenes documentary
* Trailer

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer for NECROSIS
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