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Saturday, April 24, 2010


WARNING!!! PEDOPHILE RELELASED is not your typical Horror film. In fact, I guess it isn't really a Horror film at all, although there are definitely some horrific scenes and topics throughout the film. This is more of a Drama and believe it or not, a romance story. The film was written by Kai Lanette and Shane Ryan and directed by Ryan as well. Ryan and Lanette actually co-stars in the film together as the couple which is very impressive, as I thought their performances in this film were spectacular. I especially enjoyed the acting of Ryan and thought he played this part with great emotion that made him very believable as this character.

Here is the plot summary from the Cinema Epoch website:

An 18 year old boy (Malachi) is accused of molesting a 12 year old girl (Echo). They call each other "soul mates" and claim they never more than kissed. He's put away for 6 years and she waits for him but in the meantime is beaten, gang-raped, impregnated and thrown out onto the streets only to eventually turn to a life of drugs, theft and prostitution. Did society make things better for her by putting this "sex offender" behind bars? And when he's released can they ever go back to how things once were? This is the story of true love.

It is hard to believe a film with this title could be a love story, but it really is. These two kids (well, I guess one kid and one adult...hence the whole issue here) really do love each other, and it makes you sad that they can't be together and really blurs the answer to the question about what is "right" and "wrong".
From watching the film, we learn that Malachi and Echo did not have any physical relationship except for hugging and kissing and Malachi really was falsely accused and imprisoned for something he did not do. What is really moving and horrific is how he is treated 6 years later after his release. Echo has waited on him, but society will still not let them be together. Posters are hung up around the neighborhood with Malachi's picture on it and the phrase "Warning!!! Pedophile Released" at the top. He is picked on everywhere he goes and is told by neighbors that "his kind" are not welcome in their neighborhood. Finally, Malachi has had enough and decides to leave that town and go somewhere where he is not known. In a very emotional scene, Echo confronts Malachi as he is trying to leave town and Malachi pours out all the emotions and feelings he has been bottling up since leaving prison. He tells Echo that his life will never be the same and the posters being put up with his face on them were too much and he even seems to blame her saying that all this happened because of her. This is a very moving scene between two people that obviously love each other.
I highly recommend this film, but keep in mind this is not a Horror movie in the usual sense, so don't go into it thinking that or you may be disappointed. Although, that is what I expected going into it and I was not disappointed, as I am not just a fan of Horror movies, but a fan of just good movies in general. This is a good movie, very emotional, and really makes you think, which are attributes that are missing from many of today's films.
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  1. I hated Shane Ryan's APK series though this seems like an actual "real movie" this time.

  2. I haven't watched those yet, but I do have the APK trilogy and plan to review them on here soon.