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Friday, August 13, 2010


While written specifically to help people survive a zombie outbreak in the UK, THE OFFICIAL ZOMBIE HANDBOOK by Sean T. Page is a tome of international importance. The skills and tips found within can be used to help survivors of all nations, although it is interesting to read how some things differ when it comes to zombie outbreak in the US vs. the UK.
Here is the book synopsis from the Severed Press website:

Since pre-history, the living dead have been among us, with documented outbreaks from ancient Babylon and Rome right up to the present day. But what if we were to suffer a zombie apocalypse in the UK today? Through meticulous research and field work, The Official Zombie Handbook (UK) is the only guide you need to make it through a major zombie outbreak in the UK.

This book contains everything you need to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Inside you will find basic hints that anyone new to the realization of the upcoming outbreak can use all the way to more advanced tips that even the most trained zombie killer will find helpful. Hints include the types of weapons to use, the best places to hide out and set up camp in, and even gives charts to let you know the shelf life of most common canned foods. The book is broken into many parts and is explained very well in common terms which makes it very easy to read and understand.

The book starts out giving you the basic definitions of a zombie and discusses all the different schools of thought on the causes of the zombie plague. Detailed case studies of previous isolated zombie attacks are discussed, from the first noted outbreak in the Roman Province of Atlas in 55AD to the most recent outbreak which occurred in Burma (Myanmar) in 1986. The book then goes on to discuss how the different defence forces in the UK would fare against the zombies, including the British Army, The Royal Navy, The Royal Air Force, and even the British Criminal Underworld! Very interesting stuff.

While other books about surviving zombie outbreaks are out there, this is by far the most complete, comprehensive of them all, and it is a must have if planning on surviving the inevitable upcoming zombie apocalypse.

CLICK HERE to check out the Youtube trailer for the book
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