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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Formally known as BLOODSUCKING REDNECK VAMPIRES, the newly titled INBRED REDNECK VAMPIRES was recently released on DVD and distributed by MVD Entertainment. The film was written and directed by the team of Joe Sherlock and Mike Hegg. Here is the basic plot summary from the MVD Entertainment website:

Sexy vampire Catherine and her familiar Lendel are on the run from a ruthless vampire hunter. They hide out in the small redneck town of Backwash, where Catherine hatches a plan to turn the backwoods folk into an army of her vampire slaves. Cultures further clash when Ma Poissier wins a free room redecoration by fruity Frenchman Jean-Claude Les Eaux, who tries his best to fit in with crazy hillbillies like Lil' Junior and his buddy Cletus. Beer drinking, bean eating, tripe cooking, shower peeping, competitive farting, strip poker playing and all manner of insanity follow, all leading up to the town's annual Tripe Days Festival. Combine the gross-out and physical comedy of Animal House and American Pie with the country humor of Hee Haw, toss in some vampires and you've got the riotous romp Inbred Redneck Vampires!

If you couldn't tell already, this is a Horror/comedy film, and to be honest, it is much more on the comedy side than the Horror side. First off, I will give you some of the problems I found with the film. The acting is mediocre at best, and some is just plain bad. The editing is bad and many scenes are cut off sooner than they should have been, almost to the point of cutting off a piece of the character's dialog. Also, the film clocks in at 1 hour and 48 minutes, which to be honest, is about an hour more time than they had material for. This film could have had many parts cut out and taken down to a 70-80 minute film and I think it would have helped, as some parts seemed to drag in spots.

Now, on the positive side, I did enjoy when the Vampires actually made an appearance, and there are some good scenes of blood and gore. The movie really falters with some of the horrible CGI used here, but there is one scene in particular that is so bad, it was good. A lady that has recently been infected and turned into a Vampire uses a tanning bed and is immediately burned to a crisp. Her fried corpse is made of a claymation model in a scene so rediculously bad, that you can't help but enjoy it! There is also some very funny stuff in this movie....mainly the dialog from the "inbred rednecks". This actually plays better as a comedy than a horror film, although I must say that I find the use of flatulance to be a cheap gag to get a laugh, and one that just doesn't work on an older, more mature audience. Although, that is proabably not the audience the filmmakers had in mind when making this movie. I have a feeling younger kids and teenagers will love this film, as it is full of all the stuff that age group finds funny....or at least I assume still do...I know I did when I was that age! I can also see a group of college guys gathered around to watch this and having a pretty good time, but the seasoned Horror veteren looking for a real scare will probably want to pass on this one.

Overall, though, I enjoyed the film for what it was, and even caught myself laughing out loud at some parts, which is a good sign. While this film won't win any awards, it did manage to entertain me for the majority of the running time, which is what a movie should do.

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