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Thursday, August 12, 2010


DEFILED is a hard movie to watch, in that it deals with subject matter that is all too real. It is a well made movie, though, and one you can definitely appreciate. The film was written and directed by Zachary Paul and is released by Alternative Cinema.
Here is the basic plot from the Alternative Cinema website:

Cassidy has a taste for sex with strangers she meets on the Internet. Never fully satisfied by these encounters, she decides to take things to the next level. Placing a post online, she receives a phone call from The Man she thinks she’s been looking for. Unfortunately, he has no intention of leaving once the night is out…

The acting in this film is a little weak overall, although the main character of Cassidy is played well by actress Amanda Myers. The movie is scary in that this is something that could easily happen. While most slasher flicks and ghost movies we can play of as being "just a movie", this one you can't take so lightly. This kind of thing does happen. The hardest part of watching what Cassidy goes through is realizing that she invited this upon herself in a way. It's never a good idea to invite strange men into your house to act out a rape fantasy....I don't think any good could ever come from that!

One thing that surprised me about this film, was the great gore effects for such a low budget film. An ax to the head, an eyeball popped out of woman...all these things are done with the same caliber that you would see in a much more expensive film. This film is gritty, grimy, and dirty...just like most of the great films released through Alternative Cinema.

DEFILED is set for release on DVD September 21st, 2010.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer (WARNING!! Not Safe For Work)
CLICK HERE to pre-order DEFILED from Alternative Cinema
CLICK HERE to visit the Alternative Cinema website


  1. Wow, seriously disturbing and probably something that should be watched by teen girls as a lesson in life decisions and their outcomes. I admit I liked "I Spit on your Grave" but that was really for the revenge element. This sounds pretty heavy.

  2. Ha, don't you just love that title? By the way, I tagged you in a meme over at http://www.scaresarah.com/2010/08/hello-hello-hello-hello-hello-hello.html !!

  3. Thanks for the info, it's going in my wishlist.