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Friday, August 27, 2010


PROJECT SOLITUDE: BURRIED ALIVE was written and directed by Rustam Branaman and stars Eric Roberts as professor John Sola. It is being distributed through Synergetic Distribution.
Here is the basic plot from the Synergetic Distribution website:

A small group goes into the deep winter woods for a science project run by John Sola, testing human's survival instincts. But to their horror, this soon becomes more than just an academic question. One the campers disappears along with their van, their only way back to civilization. Then, their only cell phone can't get any reception in the remote area. Suspicion mounts as the survivors fend for their lives. Friendship fades, suspicion mounts and violence erupts among the dwindiling survivors, as the body count keeps rising.

This is a good film with enough going for it to keep you entertained the entire running time. The acting in this movie was great, especially from Eric Roberts, one of my personal favorite actors. I thought Stacy Stas also gave a great performance as the troubled girl named Kitty.
While the movie is slow in some parts, it remains entertaining and keeps you interested as it builds the mystery and suspense, leading up to finding out who the killer is. The kills are nothing too spectacular, but the are all very realistic, which adds to the validity of this film. Films like this are scarier than a crazy slasher or monster film to me, because this could easily happen in real life. There is nothing too out of the ordinary here. As the first few students turn up dead, the remaining students struggle with who they can trust, and have to come to the realization that someone might not be the nice person that they personify.
While I won't give away the ending, of course, I must say that it was great and I didn't see it coming.
Fans of survival Horror will love this movie, and there are enough good kills and suspense for most all Horror fans.

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