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Saturday, April 10, 2010

DVD Review: DEAD IN THE WATER (2006)

DEAD IN THE WATER was written by Marc Buhmann and David Moore, and was directed by Marc Buhmann. It is a zombie movie that most Horror fans have probably never heard of, but should definitely check out. Here is the basic plot synopsis from the Indican Pictures website:

Hot sisters, Tiffany and Jennica, decide to introduce their meat-head boyfriends to their parents during a weekend retreat in the woods, but the girls don't realize that evil awaits. Upon arriving the foursome find the cabin empty, vandalized, parents MIA, no cell reception and their car just died. As darkness falls the twenty-somethings must fight for their lives as Zombies attack the cabin and death comes for them with a vengeance!
This film is a lot of fun overall and definitely worth checking out. The movie has one of the best opening scenes I have seen in a zombie film in a long time. The scene can be seen in the trailer, so I am not giving anything away here. A couple is fishing out on a lake when all of the sudden the guy is pulled into the water by something on the end of his fishing line. Then, as the woman is screaming and looking over the side of the boat, we see a zombie hand come up from the water, grabbing her and pulling her in as well. Then the water is back to still and peaceful. A very griping opening scene that sets the tone for the rest of the film. The zombie effects are good, although most of the zombies are seen in the dark, so you can't tell too much about them. The ones you do see are done well though, and they do not skimp on the blood and other nasty fluids flowing from the zombies. There is also a great zombie beheading that you must see! The movie looks to be done on a very low budget, with mostly first time actors. That being said, the acting is not great, and the main two guys in the film become very irritating as they bicker back and forth. But, that aside, the film is still a fun zombie flick and worthy of adding to your zombie collection!!

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  1. I think you are completely insane... your way to redact this information it makes me feel something weird into my soul, seriously. I will not watch that film because I am a catholic guy with strong believes. Sorry, but this is my opinion, I hope you can respect it.


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