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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Hayes Hudson's House of Horror!! Here is what I am thankful for.....

I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I am very thankful for all my readers who have helped to make the 4H blog such a success. This blog would be pointless if it weren't for you!! Thanks to all my followers especially! It has been fun to watch my "followers" number grow and grow!!
I also want to say thanks to my contributing writer, Scott Baker, for helping me get through the stacks and stacks of DVD screeners and books I have received for review on my website. I could not have done it lately without his help.

And a very special thanks to my awesome wife, for giving me the time to do this blog...posting EVERY night takes some time away from our very rare free time together, but she realizes how much I love Horror and love talking and discussing it, so she lets me have this little Horror outlet. Thanks for your patience and understanding babe!!

Now, just for fun, check out the Thanksgiving themed Horror film, THANKSKILLING!! This looks like it could be in the "so bad, it's good" series of films!!! And remember:

There's no such thing as an evil turkey
....no such thing as an evil turkey
....no such thing as an evil turkey
.....no such thing as an evil turkey


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