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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Check out the great new streaming site, IBLEEDINDIE.COM!


  Check out the great new streaming website dedicated to indie horror!   It's like Netflix for indie horror films!   Here is a brief description from the IBleedIndie.com website:

 IBleedIndie is a PPV website dedicated to indie horror. Many indie horror film makers choose to distribute their films independently rather than dealing with distribution companies or sales agents. This option severely limits their VOD options, narrowing it down to personal Youtube or Vimeo channels. This site is designed with self distribution in mind, although we do also have a good few films from amazing indie friendly companies like Wild Eye, Artsploitation, Brinkvision, SGL, and more! We allow indie film makers to keep 90% of the sales from rentals on this site and they get to keep all rights to their films rather than being locked into years-long contracts. If you love indie horror, be sure to check out our parent company, theblood-shed.com, one of the best indie horror-focused news sites out there! Stay scary and support independent film makers!

  I looked around the site tonight and they have tons of great short films and feature films, all available for around $1 to $3 to rent.   This is an awesome new service that focuses solely on indie horror!  Click the links below for more info!

CLICK HERE to check out IBleedIndie.com!
CLICK HERE to visit IBleedIndie.com's Facebook page to stay up to date on news and new releases

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