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Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: THE SLASHER MOVIE BOOK by J.A. Kerswell

by J.A. Kerswell
Distributed by Independent Publishers Group

I love books about horror movies, and THE SLASHER MOVIE BOOK by J.A. Kerswell has to be one of the better books about horror movies I have ever seen. Here is the main overview of the book from the ipg website:

A detailed look at the surprising beginnings of the slasher movie—a genre that brought a new high in cinematic violence and suspense to mainstream cinema—this grisly guidebook revels in its glory days of the late 1970s and early 1980s and discusses its recent resurgence. Packed with reviews of the best (and worst) slasher movies and illustrated with an extensive collection of distinctive and often graphic color poster artwork from around the world, this book also looks at the political, cultural, and social influences on the slasher movie and its own effect on other film genres. Also included are a list of the top-10 body count films, trivia about famous actors who made their big-screen debuts in slasher films, a glossary of need-to-know terms, a list of additional reading, and recommendations of websites to head to for additional macabre movies.

The book is a 208 page Trade Paper Back and is in full color, with tons of great photos of old movie posters and stills from the movies.   The book traces the roots of the modern slasher film all the way back to the Grand Guignol theater of the late 1890's, through the Italian Giallo films, and to the height of the Slasher film popularity in the late 70's to early 80's.  Kerswell does a great job with this  book.  It's amazing to see how much research he put into this book, as he leaves no stone unturned.   All your favorite slasher films are discussed here, along with some (I suspect) you may have never even heard of!

This book is a must-have in my opinion, for all horror fans and horror book fans. They don't get much better than this!

CLICK HERE to purchase the book

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