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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DVD Review: CREEP VAN (2012)

Directed by Scott W. Mckinlay
Distributed by Inception Media Group
I posted the trailer to the film CREEP VAN on my blog a few weeks ago, but I have now had the chance to see the full film. I can tell you this, I was super excited about this film after watching the trailer and I was not let down in the least by the full film.  In fact, the film was even better than I expected based on the trailer.  Before I go on, here is the basic plot of the film from the Inception Media Group website:

Life without a car is murder … and nobody knows that better than Campbell Jackson, a 20-something, out-of-work, out-of-options misfit. Forced to take a dead-end job at a Detroit car wash, Campbell spies a dilapidated ’70s van for sale and attempts to buy it. Little does he know, it’s the Creep Van, whose mysterious owner has been terrorizing locals—killing and torturing victims with a host of elaborate booby traps inside its rusted shell. For those unwilling to climb aboard, the Creep and his Van have no qualms about running folks down or smashing through walls. Forced to team up with a sleazy conman to hunt down and stop the mayhem – before he and his girlfriend become the next victims – Campbell finds himself in for one hell of a bloody ride!

This film was a lot of fun.  Chuck Walton from Fandango.com has a quote on the cover of the DVD which reads "A scary homage to '80s horror movies.".  He couldn't be more right.  They don't make these kind of campy, fun, creature features like this anymore.  Yes, I consider this a creature feature, it just so happens the creature in this film is a an old rusty van.
As the plot states above, the title van has some crazy booby traps installed that kills people that enter the van in a variety of unique and gruesome ways.  The gore in this film was truly amazing and included a great body-cut-in-half scene.  The effects were done by Robert Hall, from the FX company Almost Human.  You might know the name Robert Hall as the directer of the CHROMESKULL films. I have had the honor of meeting Robert on a couple occasions at the Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX.  He is a very nice man and with the work he is doing, should be a much bigger name in this industry.  Give it a few years and I think you will be hearing his name and company ranked among the top of the list when it comes to effects work.

This is one film that every horror fan needs to add to their collection.  This one will definitely be getting a repeat viewing by me in the near future. CREEP VAN is available now on DVD and contains the following Special Features:

*  Anatomy of a Killer Van Smash
*  Creep Van:  Under the Hood
*  Bits and Pieces  (Actor Interviews)
*  Theatrical Trailer
*  Original Finance Trailer
*  Deleted Scenes
*  Audio Commentary by Filmmakers

CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website and watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD

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