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Sunday, August 9, 2009

CINEMA SEWER VOL. 2 is now out!!

For those of you that know about CINEMA SEWER magazine, you will be excited to know that Vol. 2 of the CINEMA SEWER book is now out! CINEMA SEWER is a magazine devoted to exploitation, sexploitation, and general horror films. CINEMA SEWER is was created by Robin Bougie and is packed with interviews, reviews, original illustrations, and tons of rare, vintage movie ads that remind you of the days of the 42nd St. Grindhouse theaters of the 70's and 80's. Volume 1 of the books collected the works of issues 1 thru 12 and this new volume collects the works of issues 13 thru 16 plus 90 pages of never before seen interviews, reviews, and just plain craziness! Robin is an extremely talented artist, his exploitation illustrations (illoitations?) are extremely impressive. Keep in mind, these books are for mature audiences, so keep them away from the kiddos!

Check out the official CINEMA SEWER website HERE to purchase your copy of CINEMA SEWER VOLUME 2 for only $29 which INCLUDES shipping!

When you order your book, tell Mr. Bougie you heard about the book from HAYES HUDSON'S HOUSE OF HORROR!!!!!

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