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Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have heard of this film for years, but finally got a chance to watch it this past week. For those of you that have thought about seeing this film, go do so right now. This is instantly one of my new favorite films of all time.

Here is the basic plot according to IMDB.com:

A random class of Japanese ninth-grade students are--in this fictional universe--randomly selected by a fascist government lottery. They are kidnapped and forced onto an isolated island, where they are equipped with food, water, a map, and a random weapon. On the island, they have to compete in a violent death-match game till only one victor remains. Failure to follow the rules or participate in the death match results in death by an exploding collar that everyone has to wear.

This film is shot on a beautiful tropical island location. The beautiful scenery is a tremendous contrast to the violence and bloodshed that is going on. Also of notable contrast, is the beautiful music from classical composers such as Bach, Schubert, Strauss, and Verdi that plays in the background as some of the more sinister scenes transpire.

This is a gorgeously shot movie with great direction and great acting. I highly recommend this film! Check it out as soon as you can!

Click HERE to watch the trailer


  1. I watched this last night and was also impressed. You nailed it when you said the classical music was a sharp contrast to the brutality. I have to wonder, though, why an Americanized version has not been made yet...possibly because it involves children and violence? Don't know, but I think we should definitely have one...

  2. I agree totally, this is perfect candidate for an americanized remake. I think the only reason is because it is violence against and by kids. That is the only reason I can see for this not being remade for an American audience. But, the originals are usually always better anyway, so we have probably seen the best version! I think there is a BATTLE ROYALE 2 also...I will try to look more into that as well.