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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Knock, Knock....

Who's there?

I Feel Sorry For...

I Feel Sorry For WHO?

I Fell Sorry For anyone who actually sat through all 92 minutes of this piece of crap!!

I guess I feel sorry for myself, because I did sit through all of the film, although not all in one sitting. Seems as though I kept falling asleep for some reason....oh wait, I know, because it was BORING!!!

Here is the plot from IMDB.com:

Knock Knock is a horror film that combines fear with revenge, hate with justice and responsibility with sacrifice. The bible says an "Eye for an Eye." Rico was just a big fun loving son of a hard working neighborhood business man. The problem is his dad is an undertaker. Some popular high school Students thought he was weird because of it. Rico kept to himself and helped his dad around their funeral home after school. One night after a high school pep rally, some of those students wanted to have a little fun. The town would never be the same. Local cops have never seen anything like it. The beautiful detective thought she knew it all. Is the drunken old detective right? Why was it happening? Who will be next? Answering the door will never be the same again!

The plot sounds good enough, and I actually thought the trailer looked pretty good. That just goes to show you how good editing in your trailer can help market movies. It worked on me. I bought it and was very disappointed. Don't let it happen to you! Just watch the trailer below and that will be all you need to see of this film. The acting is horrible, some of the characters are just plain annoying, and you hardly ever actually see the killer. Which, now that I think about it, might be a good thing seeing as how the killer wears what at first looks like a creepy mask, but on closer look it seems as though the killer just stuck duct tape all over his face, and quite sloppily at that! LAME! I must admit, though, when you do see the killer in action, there is some good gore effects for those that like the red stuff!

Click HERE to watch the trailer for KNOCK KNOCK and save yourself 90 minutes of your life.

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