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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Japanese horror film GROTESQUE banned in the U.K.

I read about this film called "GROTESQUE" a few days ago in the latest issue of GOREZONE MAGAZINE. They said it was over the top with gore and if the writers of a magzine called GOREZONE say its overly gory, then this is film I want to see! Well, good thing I don't live in the U.K.! Apparently the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has deemed this film too depraved to warrant a rating saying that giving the film a rating would involve a ''risk of harm'' to those viewing it.

Read the Yahoo News Article HERE

Click HERE to watch the trailer for GROTESQUE courtesy of Myspace Videos

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. I grew up with many films banned, and when I tell my American film-fan friends, they don't seem to understand the concept of "banning" art. They think I mean the film got cut, or removed from Blockbuster or some shit. No, I tell them, I mean if I had a copy, it would be illegal.

    The only good thing about the video nasty era is that when they all got re-released, I was able to watch them as an 18-yr-old at the cinema, which was a truly awesome spectacle.

    Honestly, though, I thought the video nasty attitude was a thing of the past, but then there was the "extreme porn" law, and now this. It's making me nervous about returning home...