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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Check out this great Horror Blog: I LIKE HORROR MOVIES

Obviously I am a huge fan of Horror. I like to watch Horror movies and read about them, so I am always excited when I run across a Horror blog that I haven't seen before. There are thousands of Horror blogs out there, but when I run across a excellent one, I like to let my readers know about it. Well, I have found a great one, and it is simply called "I LIKE HORROR MOVIES"! What a great title for a Horror movie blog! Straight and to the point!! Like my blog, the blog author, Carl Manes, gives a good mix of reviews of older and more current movies, along with Trivia and quotes. Also worth noting, Carl has a link to his entire DVD collection (over 850 DVD's!!) that you can browse through and look at. What a cool idea! Great blog Carl! Keep up the good work!

Click HERE to check out the great Horror blog, I LIKE HORROR MOVIES!


  1. You're right, ILHM is a GREAT blog. I've been reading it for a while now. Glad you discovered it!


  2. Thanks Jonny...let me know some of your other favorites I might be missing!!

  3. Thanks for the positive support Hayes, always happy to meet up with more great new friends that love Horror!