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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I thought I would share a few pics from Halloween night...

Halloween has come and gone, and I miss it already. I thought I would share a few pics with you of me and my friends on Halloween night! We had a blast hanging out on Dickson St. here in Fayetteville. Enjoy the pics:

Natalie the Cop, Me as Jason Voorhees, Katy the Pin Up Girl, and Caleb in his award winning Edward Scissorhands costume (Caleb won first prize at the costume contest!). It's hard to tell in this pic, but the scissor hands were homemade by Caleb out of actual sheet metal! Well done, Caleb!!

Katy, Caleb, and Abbie as Rosie the Riveter
Me and my wife, April, who went as a Camp Crystal Lake
Counselor...a.k.a....my next victim!!!

And finally, me and my buddy Phillip as Michael Graves, from The Misfits.


  1. Awesome costumes! Looks like you all had a good Halloween.

  2. Thanks, Cap'n!! We had a blast!! I hope you did as well!