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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Check out these awesome CEREAL KILLERS Trading Cards from Wax Eye LLC.

Newly formed company WAX EYE has unleashed it's debut product to the world, and they have hit a home run off the first pitch!!  Their first product, CEREAL KILLERS TRADING CARDS, is a hilarious set of 55 base cards in the 1st Series, along with numerous bonus insert cards.   These cards are hilarious Horror spoofs of all the popular breakfast cereals done by artist Joe Simko, who's previous works includes Garbage Pail Kids cards and Topps Wacky Packages cards.  Each card has a ghoulishly cool spoof of a cereal box front on the front of the cards (nice glossy fronts!), and the backs have a variety of things on them including games and trivia, while some of the backs are a part of a larger puzzle!  Some of my favorite cards include:  Children of the Cornflakes, Loco Puffs, Fiber the 13th, and Hellraisin Bran! 

Bonus insert cards you could pull include Magnets, Black light Stickers, Temporary Tattoos, Gold Foil Cards, and even original sketch cards!  These sketch cards are hand drawn by artist Joe Simko and are a true one of a kind collectible!   There is one premium bonus card in each box of CEREAL KILLERS cards...and with 3 boxes to a pack, you are guaranteed 3 premium bonus cards.  My box contained cool black light sticker, a temporary tattoo, and an awesome magnet that will look perfect on my refrigerator!

Each pack contains 20 cards, so you get 60 cards total per 3-pack box.  You are not guaranteed a complete set per box, but you will come close for sure.  I think I am missing about 10 cards from having a complete set already!   What's fun is you can trade your cards through the Wacky Packages trading forum found HERE!

Check out these cool cards asap!  I haven't gotten excited about trading cards since I was a kid!  These are a must have for you Horror fans out there!

CLICK HERE to watch a cool video of artist Joe Simko painting one of the bonus insert cards you could pull

CLICK HERE to purchase CEREAL KILLERS Trading Cards!


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