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Monday, May 9, 2011


Todd Russell started writing at a young age and has honed his bizarre style along the likes of Rod Serling, Robert R. McCammon, and Stephen King. Mental Shrillness, a collection of six twist ending horror stories, is his first book. An Amazon reviewer writes: “I was appalled … the stories are horrifying, disturbing and nauseating at times. I recommend Mental Shrillness to adult readers to challenge themselves on how strange a story they can handle.” You can follow Todd’s work at http://toddrwrite.com

Do you ever check out movies by their cover art? I do. Here are nine horror flicks available on Netflix streaming as of this writing that have great cover art. Let me know in the comments what you think. I've ordered them by my least to most favorite. This is not a ranking based on how great the movie is only how cool is the cover art.

#9 - Black Swarm

Black Swarm - this is one of the most gruesome faces on Netflix right now thanks to the black swarm. And lol on the teaser: "The Ultimate Buzzkill" Poor guy.

#8 - Organizm

Organizm - what is that growing underneath the eye? Squirm-worthy and something that compels us to watch the movie and learn more.

#7 - The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede - you'll never react the same to the word "eat" the same after seeing this horror flick and the cover art makes you feel like you are underneath the Human Centipede. Shiver!

#6 - We All Scream For Ice Cream

We All Scream For Ice Cream - you'll never look at clowns and ice cream the same way again after checking out this cover.

#5 - MOH: Brad Anderson: Sounds Like

MOH: Brad Anderson: Sounds Like - a Netflix marked title that might be more horrific than the movie but that ear graphic looks delicious to the eye. Or is the title simply Sounds Like? Whatever the case, the art rocks.

#4 - The Howling

The Howling - another classic horror film and the best werewolf cover art currently on Netflix

#3 - MOH:  Pro-Life

Pro-Life - is this the most eerie fetus ever? And a John Carpenter movie too? Oh yeah.

#2 - Poltergeist

Poltergeist - A classic, creepy movie and an image that burns into the brain like falling asleep with noise on TV.

#1 - The Shining

The Shining - possibly the best movie cover art for Stephen King's masterpiece. King doesn't like this version as much as the much less popular TV version but Jack Nicholson, can scare anybody with this face.

What's your favorite horror movie cover art? Did I miss some great cover art for horror movies available on Netflix streaming? Let's discuss it in the comments.


Todd is on the Mental Shrillness Blog Book Tour promoting his new book, and is touring all over the horror blogosphere!! Check out the http://toddrwrite.com/mental-shrillness/tour-1.phtml blog book schedule to see his next stop.

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  1. Mental Shrillness Factoid #7

    The stories in Mental Shrillness were not submitted to any traditional publisher or paying market standalone or as part of a collection. A couple of the stories were included in horror webzines at the time they were written (FRIGHTNET and STUMP Online).


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