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Thursday, May 10, 2012

DOCUMENTING THE GREY MAN...a welcome addition to the found footage sub-genre, or a cheap knockoff of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films?

   You really can't have a found footage movie about ghosts in a house without drawing some sort of comparison to the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films...they pretty much set the standard for found footage films and remain the best of that sub-genre in my opinion.  
DOCUMENTING THE GREY MAN is the newest found footage film coming to DVD on July 17th.  Here is the plot synopsis from the official press release:
   On Monday, September 10 2007, police officers were called to investigate possible multiple homicides at a historic Pawley’s Island, SC home. Investigators arrived to find what looked like documentary film equipment. Five members of a ghost-hunting expedition were also missing.
“Extremely effective” with moments of “sheer horror”(ain’t it cool news), Documenting the Grey Man is a hair-raising paranormal found-footage investigation by a group of avaricious actors determined to exploit a family claiming to be haunted by a ghost. 
What they encounter will terrify you. 
 Click the link to watch the trailer below and let me know what you think....will it be as good as the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films?
CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

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