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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How did I miss this zombie film? It's THE DEAD UNDEAD: VAMPIRES VS. ZOMBIES

 I thought I knew about most all zombie films, but somehow I missed this one.  A friend of mine at work said he saw a movie in a redbox called THE DEAD UNDEAD:  VAMPIRES VS. ZOMBIES.  First off, with name like that, how did I not know about this film!
 It looks like it was originally just titled THE DEAD UNDEAD, but I guess it is now being marketed with the VAMPIRES VS. ZOMBIES tag added to it.
 Here is the basic plot of the film from imdb.com:

A group of peaceful Vampires are infected and turned into crazed zombie like creatures whose only motivation is to feed on flesh, whether Human or Vampire. A group of Vampire commandos tries to keep their identity secret, while trying to stop the spread of the infection. Soldiers from across the ages, it's up to these vampires to end the zombie infection. Caught in the middle is a group of human kids on a camping trip, who team up with the Vampires in an attempt to survive.

THE DEAD UNDEAD looks very low budget, I was actually surprised to see that it had a budget of a little over 1 Million dollars according to imdb.com.   The film looks to be shot well, though, with some pretty cool camera work, and I think the story is a pretty cool premise.  Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think.  If you have seen this film, please comment here and let us know if it is worth checking out.  

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer

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  1. I personally have not seen it yet, but am hopefully getting a screener of it for review. I'll pop back in and let ya know if I do.